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Master Plan revision and concept design for stage 1 and detailed documentation for parklands and riparian corridor within stage 2 of the development .

Kiah  is a staged 72 lot estate development, located on Alpha Road, Willoughby, approximately 10km from Sydney CBD.

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Project Tasks

In house professional  services provided included:

  • Master Plan review;
  • Landscape design and documentation;
  • Ecological Restoration



Professional Services provided included :

  • Revision of Master Plan;
  • Collection and collation of base information;
  • Preparation of presentation sheets;
  • Development of initial concept for stage 1 lots and streetscape to Development Application;
  • Preparation of  detailed landscape plans for the parklands within stage 2;
  • Preparation of a Vegetation Management Plan;
  • Liaison with Willoughby City Council;
  • Liaison with NSW Office of Water;
  • Co-ordination with project team including client, planners, engineers and architects;