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Feb 8, 2013

Outer Harbour, Port Kembla Port Corporation

The approval of the Outer Harbour redevelopment for the port Kembla Port Corporation (PKPC)
Posted by: marina

The approval of the Outer Harbour redevelopment for the Port Kembla Port Corporation (PKPC)  included a condition requiring the development of a Cumulative Impact Protocol that would:


manage and monitor the cumulative impacts associated with the concurrent construction and operation of project stages, particularly in relation to road and rail traffic, air quality and noise control. The Protocol shall include:

  1. an environmental risk assessment identifying likely cumulative impacts of activities included within the concept plan approval on neighbouring development during construction and operation;
  2. management procedures to be implemented during construction and operation where cumulative impacts are identified, specifically focusing on those issues identified to be of high risk:
  3. management procedures to allow for the cooperation between project Environmental Representatives; and
  4. procedures for periodic review of the Protocol.


Siteplus were engaged by PKPC to develop the protocol.  This protocol has received preliminary endorsement  from the Department of Planning and Infrastructure.

Siteplus is proud to be involved in the development of the  protocol which provides a new tool that assists in the construction of the Outer Harbour and manages cumulative impacts during the delivery of the Outer Harbour.