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Siteplus is pleased to offer our skills and expertise for your next project. Our experience assures that your project will be given the benefit of our knowledge, contacts and resources. We are adept at getting a wide range of projects through local authorities quickly and efficiently, while bringing significant consideration to the aesthetic nature and economic sensitivity of the project.

Our Mission

Siteplus prides itself on using knowledge, research, technology, skill and innovation to deliver creative and achievable solutions for your project that you, and the community, will enjoy. Our aim is to exceed your expectations in delivering these solutions on time, and in a cost effective manner.

Alliance with Specialists

We have relationships in Transportation Planning, Archaeology, Heritage, Bushfire and Flora & Fauna, so our various alliances directly complement and complete our service offerings to you to ensure that all your needs are met.

A Team-Based Approach

Siteplus is an advocate of a mobile workforce supported by up-to-date technology. We offer a team-based approach with:

  • Experienced personnel with expert knowledge in their individual fields.
  • Experience in interactive negotiations at council, government and departmental levels.
  • A commitment to identifying issues and developing optimal solutions for all aspects of the project.
  • An approach that seeks and uses advanced techniques and materials.
  • Site specific responses for individual projects.
  • Design solutions that respond to client, market, environmental and governmental needs and requirements.
  • An integrated company approach developed through consistent communication and re-evaluation of design objectives and solutions.

Quality Policy Statement

Siteplus is a team of committed professionals with wide experience in delivering land and engineering services to both private and public sectors of the development industry. 

We provide:

  • Innovative Cost effective solutions
  • Project Management
  • Land development advice
  • Land use planning
  • Urban designs
  • Strategic and statutory planning
  • Civil Engineering and landscape design
  • Hydrologic Investigations
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design

Our alliances with other companies enable us to provide additional specialist input.

We understand the challenges associated with this industry in a climate of conflicting stakeholder requirements, changing legislation, and stronger community expectations. We work closely with Local and State Government authorities to ensure our clients’ projects proceed as smoothly as possible.

The Directors and staff are committed to the implementation and continual improvement of our Quality System that complies with AS/NZS ISO 9001.


Siteplus is the collective contributions of all staff, its team and the teamwork engendered. Respect we gain will be achieved through courtesy in the workplace, our treatment of clients, through our professional alliances and through pride in our collective and individual achievements.

Safety is a non negotiable measurable goal with a right to work incident and injury free involving our staff and a management that listens and acts.