Who We Are

Siteplus is an energetic company that delivers a range of professional services to the development industry including strategic and statutory planning, civil and structural engineering, landscape and architectural services. 

Siteplus develops innovative, noteworthy and cost-effective solutions for land development, land use planning and major development projects for both the public and private sectors. Our planners, engineers, landscape architects and project managers are committed professionals who provide a full range of services to help our clients negotiate the maze of issues associated with urban land development around Australia.

Siteplus was established in 2003 by planner and landscape architect Vaughan McInnes and engineer Ken Rootsey after more than thirty years of experience in planning and engineering projects. Vaughan and Ken now function as Directors of the company and continue to bring their expertise and skills to Siteplus projects to accomplish great things. They lead a team of talented professionals and a high emphasis on quality, innovation and client focus goes into each project.

Siteplus clients are a diverse group. Education institutions, all sectors of commerce, industry and government, from small business to national and international corporations - but they have something in common. They value innovation, they expect quality, and they depend on successful project outcomes. On time, on budget.